“Candy is a feisty little lady and that, together with her unwavering Christian faith, allowed her to fight her disease, recurrence of tumor, and still come out positive and thankful for what she has and not giving in to depression about what she lost.

“Candy is a force to be reckoned with. The sheer wonder of her personality in the face of all she has gone through is almost magical.”

Ian T. Jackson, MD, SC (Hon) FRCS, FACS, FRACS (Hon)

Director, The Institute for Craniofacial and Reconstructive Surgery, Providence Hospital, Southfield, Michigan

“Candy has a remarkable ability to focus on God’s grace despite multiple adversities. Her honest and unshakable faith in the midst of trauma is an encouragement to anyone who has faced life’s terrifying ‘what ifs.’”

Sandra P. Aldrich

Speaker and author

“Candy’s trauma may not be all that different from other courageous souls who have battled cancer and survived. But what makes her story so unique is a dynamic, unwavering faith in God. In this modern age when supernatural is so easily dismissed, Candy’s fascinating struggle is not just candid and heroic, but is most of all … inspiring! Her life was dramatically changed by amazing lessons of life learned through almost impossible physical agony and intense spiritual suffering.”

Joe Musser

Author of Joni

“I first met Candy while writing When Cancer Comes for Moody Press. I’ve seen her deal with multiple adversities with grace and persistence, while maintaining a strong commitment to the Lord and a love for people. Candy has a message of hope, perseverance and trust, and God has given her the personality and skill to communicate it effectively.”

Don Hawkins

President, Southeastern Bible College, Radio Host of Life Perspectives, Author of Never Give Up, How to Beat Burnout and When Cancer Comes

“Candy’s Southern hospitality will speak to your hearts as she shares her testimony of tragedy, turmoil and triumph through a life in Christ. Her inner beauty will radiate from the inside out bringing new definition to what it means to be truly beautiful.”

Florence Littauer

Speaker and author, Personality Plus series and Silver Boxes

“Candy’s testimony and life have motivated me to keep my faith in the Lord and to allow Him to lead and direct my life through the good and bad times.”

Jay Barker

Quarterback, University of Alabama’s National Championship team, 1991, Quarterback, National Football League, Quarterback, Canadian Football League, In Due Time: The Struggles and Triumphs of Alabama Quarterback Jay Barker by Wayne Atcheson

“Never have I been more moved and more aware of God’s presence on this earth than I was when I first heard the words of Candy. While the stories of her past personal trials were heart wrenching, the story of the grace that saved her and saves all of us each day was the most inspiring. Speaking directly from God’s Word, Candy shared with me the message of salvation through Christ’s blood alone, and gave me a big nudge in my walk with my Lord and Savior!”

Carrie Colvin

America’s Junior Miss 2002

“Having known Candy for more than twenty years, it was my privilege to observe her heroism through the numerous medical crises she endured. Her story is a wonder testimony of God’s faithfulness and grace. True stories are always inspiring when, in the struggle of overcoming terrible misfortunes, one’s personal faith is renewed and reinforced by that struggle. Candy’s conquest of that adversity is particularly inspiring. This woman’s extraordinary response to her illness not only transformed her life, but it has given her a message of hope and courage that God continues to effectively use to inspire others. When strong faith carries the day, that story must be shared. This is such a story.”

Linda Bachus

Wife of U.S. Congressman Spencer Bachus, 6th District of Alabama

“The story of Candy’s courageous struggle with what was thought to be an incur-able cancer is an inspiration both to other patients and treating physicians, such as myself.”

Edward R. Laws, Jr., MD, FACS

“As a participant of the local scholarship program in Jefferson County in 1997, I first came to know Ms. Candy’s story. Her story speaks of triumph, tenacity, and resilience. It was a story that I would remember for the rest of my life, a story that would propel me to new heights throughout my lifetime. She loved me and forty-one other young women enough to share the truth of her testimony.”

Tyrenda J. Williams

America’s Junior Miss 1997

“Candy is a penetrating, knowledgeable speaker concerning her own journey with cancer and living life itself. Her stories are real, warm, and instructive. Candy is considered the most sought out speaker by UAB Medical School students each year for the Medical Ethics series. She is so effective, we have to give her two weeks!”

C. Earle Carpenter, Director

Christian Medical Ministry of Alabama

“I first heard Candy speak at the UAB Medical School. What a story! My first reaction was, ‘Where can I get a copy of the book?’ Her story moved me and challenged me and inspired me. Her great faith and perseverance amid such trials, her honesty and candor, and her sense of humor communicate well to everyone who hears her. Everyone needs to hear Candy’s story.”

Will Gunnels

Southeast U.S. Regional Director, Christian Medical & Dental Associations

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“Incredible is a word that pales before the example of Candy. She fought a tumor that stole her God-given beauty. What she won, however, was esteem for her good cheer, her resolve, her pervading intelligence, her irrefutable faith, her stamina to surmount and then help others. She is proof that greatness sometimes comes in small packages.”

Stan Buckles

Award-winning newspaper columnist and feature writer

“Candy allowed me to take a complete step-by-step makeover photo shoot to show other professionals about the impact of camouflage and post surgical makeup. Candy allowed the world to see her physical trauma and imperfections and reveal through the art of makeup her transformation into a gorgeous woman. I have been a makeup artist for twenty-plus years. Candy opened my eyes to what true beauty is all about. Candy’s faith, self assurance, and humor make her a beauty superstar in my eyes!”

Leslie G. Christin

President and creator of CARA Cosmetics International Inc, Creator of “Rediscover your Beauty” DVD

“Candy is one of God’s heroes! She has displayed what it means to trust God in all circumstances and bring glory to Him through unbelievable pain and suffering. With a background in theatre and dance, she herself has become a ‘stage’ upon which the main actor, Jesus Christ, demonstrates His triumphant grace. Through her book one will get a glimpse of what genuine faith in God looks like in daily experience.”

Barbara B. Barker, Director

The Briarwood Ballet, Birmingham, Alabama

“A beautiful young mother has her face changed by cancer in exchange for a vibrant life of healing, health and happiness against impossible odds. Her extraordinary courage and faith will amaze you. It’s likely that you will never read a story like this one, a must read you won’t forget.”

Wayne Atcheson

Director, Billy Graham Library

“Hers proved to be a difficult diagnostic problem, the tumor being in a location that most surgeons would consider impossible to completely remove … the surgeons were able to effect a satisfactory and nearly miraculous result.”

David C. Dahlin, MD

Emeritus Staff, Surgical Pathology, Mayo Clinic

“I had the pleasure of meeting Candy when the ASPS honored Candy with the Patients of Courage Award. Her story has a powerful impact on people.”

Brian Hugins

Staff, American Society of Plastic Surgeons

“Candy is one of the most vivacious speakers that CMDA has ever had at their annual convention. Her passion for life and compassion for others is evident in every word she speaks. She will be a blessing to any audience.”

Melinda Mitchell

Meeting Manager, Christian Medical and Dental Associations

“Candy Wood Lindley has shared more than just her face of faith, she shares her heart. Face of Faith will renew your spirit and give you a newfound courage to face life today and more importantly the courage to face the future.”

First Lady Patsy Riley

Wife of Alabama Governor Bob Riley

“I have found Candy to be one of the most courageous and beautiful human beings that I have ever met as a reporter. Just being with her and listening to her poignant story gave me a spiritual lift. More power to her—if she stills needs any.”

Evelyn Holst

Stern magazine, Hamburg, Germany

“Candy’s story is amazing! God’s providence is so clear and her learning to depend on Him is very instructive. As she has shared her story across the nation in many different venues, life after life has been impacted! So will yours!”

Frank M. Barker, Jr., Pastor Emeritus

Briarwood Presbyterian Church, Birmingham, Alabama

“With grit and determination and her faith in the Lord, she has succeeded in living her life to the fullest. She has become a role model for others who have suffered a similar tragedy.”

Charles A. Boswell

World War II Hero Blind Golf Legend and author, Now I See

“Her testimony [as a guest on this Canadian television program] is stirring and inspiring. Her steadfast faith in Jesus Christ was so clearly evident through all the circumstances she faced with her health and with her difficult family situation. Candy radiated the ‘joy of the Lord’ and her joy was (and continues to be) infectious. When I think of Candy and what she’s been through, what comes to mind is a verse from Job: But He knows the way that I take; when He has tested me, I shall come forth as gold.”

Johanna Webster

Associate Producer 100 Huntley Street telecast, Ontario, Canada

“Candy’s mature faith in Jesus with her childlike view of life has brought life to so many. She is a true vessel being used by God to make a real difference in this world. I rejoice in knowing her.”

Jodi Benson

Broadway Actress/Voice of The Little Mermaid

“I have known Candy for over forty years, and in all my travels, I have never met anyone who has had to overcome as much adversity as she. Her unwavering commitment to her Lord Jesus Christ is a true testimony that she can do all things through Christ who strengthens her.”

Ray Benson

Broadway Actor/Singer

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