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Inspired by her background in drama and knowledge of theatrical make-up techniques, Candy created a nationally released instructional video series called Let's Face It a video presentation of make-up techniques for facially disfigured individuals and a video demonstrating wig and scarf applications for hair loss patients. In 1987, Candy received national attention for these contributions as one of 25 recipients of Clairol’s Take Charge Award, and in 1997 she was presented the Life Inspiration Award by the American Cancer Society.

A favorite at women’s retreats and youth meetings, Candy is at home speaking at audiences of all varieties. From secular medical communities to civic organizations, religious groups to academic settings, Candy’s story touches people of all ages, backgrounds and circumstances. During the past 20 years, Candy has been asked to speak at more than 1,000 different groups including The Mayo Clinic Nursing Conference, the University of Alabama’s Medical School Outreach, Julia Tutwiler Prison, the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and numerous youth groups and women’s organizations.

Candy’s story has been featured on a variety of televisions and radio programs including The 700 Club, Heart to Heart with Sheila Walsh, The Sally Jesse Raphael Show, The Maury Povich Show, Mother Angelica, and 100 Huntley Street. Various national and international print media that have featured Candy’s story include: Focus on the Family magazine, Experiencing God magazine, Stern (a German magazine similar to Life), and Les Nouvelles Estethiques.

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Inspired, encouraged, blessed, thankful, beautiful.... just a few words that come to mind when I think about my new sister in Christ, Candy Lindley! What a blessing it was to have you share your story with us this weekend... Thank you!

Cheryl H.

What an inspiring, amazing, beautiful woman. Candy, you was and is my favorite speaker. What a Blessing to be able to go to this Conference for the first time and hear your story. Thank you for your kindness, time and taking this picture with me. You are a blessing and I love you my dear sister in Christ!


I am so very thankful and blessed to have met this beautiful woman this past weekend at the Women of Joy Conference in Pigeon Forge Tn. You shined Jesus light so bright, and I am so glad that God put me at this conference so that I could hear your story! Keep smiling Sweet Lady, you are Loved and Cherished by God in heaven!!


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