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Go ahead, judge this book by its cover.

Inside, you’ll discover the stirring story behind this remarkable face— a face of faith, punctuated by fear, pain, joy, humor, crisis, love, pride and humility and the unbelievable resilience of the human spirit.

In a world obsessed with perfection of the outer appearance and makeovers of every kind, Candy discovered a different kind of makeover—one that lasts—a makeover of the heart.
Candy’s life seemed to have fallen into place.

Blessed with an idyllic childhood and loving parents who doted on their precocious only child with a mind of her own, she grew up with grace and charm in the Old South of the 1950s and ’60s. As a speech and drama major at the University of Alabama, vivacious, petite Candy channeled her boundless energy and passion to be “on stage.” Marriage, blessed with two darling children, followed … and then the diagnosis at age 30 that changed her life and her looks forever. Her only chance at survival was a surgery so drastic that, according to her doctors, she would lose the greater portion of her face including the right eye and possibly the left, leaving her severely deformed. Candy awoke with a new face on the outside and a renewed commitment to her Lord on the inside.

On life’s stage, Candy chose to surrender to a different kind of makeover by the Master’s hands. Candy tells her amazing story—a true medical miracle—as she set out to discover who she was apart from her physical looks.